Business Analysis and Consultation

BPM INFOTECH, as a leading ERP service provider, dedicates considerable time to collaborating with data owners and stakeholders. Our primary objective is to meticulously document processes, identify areas for improvement, and create a robust roadmap of system requirements. We firmly recognize that gaining a deep understanding of a business and its people is fundamental to building a highly successful ERP system. To that end, our comprehensive ERP consultation services inherently encompass business analysis, as we firmly believe it is a crucial component for delivering exceptional results.

ERP Implementation Services

One of the standout features of ERPNext / Oracle, provided by BPM INFOTECH as a leading ERP service provider, is its user-friendly configuration capabilities. This intuitive configuration process significantly reduces the overall build time, enabling you to swiftly bring your products or services to market. At Buildable, we take pride in tailoring workflows and module configurations to align with your specific business requirements. As part of our monthly plans for ERP (ERPNEXT) consultation and hosting services, basic implementation comes included, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for our clients.

ERP Integration Services

At BPM INFOTECH, we offer top-notch ERP integration services for both ERPNext and Oracle. Our expertise lies in seamlessly connecting and integrating these powerful platforms to streamline your business processes and enhance overall efficiency.

With our ERP integration services, we strive to optimize your ERP requirements by breaking down silos, eliminating data inconsistencies, and fostering seamless collaboration across departments, automate processes and centralize data. ERPNext provides out-of-the-box integrations and an API for custom integrations. BPM INFOTECH is committed to delivering tailored integration solutions that maximize the value of your ERP investments and pave the way for digital transformation.

ERP Customization Services

At BPM INFOTECH, we understand that every business has unique requirements that may go beyond the out-of-the-box functionality of an ERP system. That’s why our ERP consultants are here to assist you in expanding the functionality of your ERP system while maintaining a balance between configuration and customization.

Our approach involves carefully analyzing your business processes, identifying areas where customization can add value, and determining the most efficient and cost-effective solutions. By finding this balance, we aim to minimize costs and ongoing maintenance efforts, ensuring that your ERP system remains scalable and adaptable.

ERP Migration Services

At BPM INFOTECH, we follow a systematic and phased timeline to guarantee the accuracy, consistency, and validity of your data during the migration process. Our experienced team collaborates directly with your data owners to identify the optimal balance of new and custom fields, ensuring a seamless match with your existing processes.

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free experience, where you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the intricacies of data migration. With BPM INFOTECH as your ERP service provider, you can trust that our dedicated team will ensure the integrity of your data throughout the migration process, allowing for a seamless transition to your new ERP system.

ERP Support and Maintenance

We prioritize empowering employees to independently resolve issues and unlock the full potential of their ERP system. We firmly believe that by providing the necessary tools and resources, employees can take ownership of problem-solving, leading to increased efficiency and improved outcomes. We ensure that employees can adapt comfortably and maximize their utilization of the ERP system by implementing incremental training approaches

Furthermore, BPM INFOTECH is committed to keeping all systems up-to-date with continuous improvements. By regularly updating the ERP system, we enable the companies we partner with to focus on their growth and strategic initiatives. With our dedicated support and maintenance services, included in our monthly plans, businesses can confidently rely on us to address any concerns promptly and ensure uninterrupted system functionality.